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Thermography Scans

With our new, state-of-the-art thermography equipment, there's no need to place your hands in cold water for a good image here!

Our thermography camera takes special thermal images of the body, showing the temperature and therefore heat patterns and blood flow in body tissue on or near the surface of the skin. This can be used to see unhealthy growth patterns in the body, since skin temperature increases where cells multiply more quickly, such as in cancerous growths. Thermal imaging is safe, painless, non-invasive, and does not use radiation. 

Your thermography scan will take place in a private room and will be conducted by a member of our staff. We offer full body scans, upper body scans, and breast-only scans. All scans are sent to a medical professional for study, after which they are sent to the scanned member with a full report on the results. Contact us to set up a thermography screening today.

Note: thermography is an educational tool and should not be considered a diagnostic tool. It is not as accurate in early detection of cancer as contact methods such as mammograms, though some sources suggest that it may detect abnormalities that may eventually lead to cancer. It should not be used to replace traditional cancer screenings, but in addition to them. 

Members with lung cancer, breast implants, or very large or very dense breasts should note that their thermography scan results may be affected and made inconclusive by any of these conditions.

Upper Body Thermography Scans

2 hours @ US$325.00


Breast/Chest And Under Arms Thermography Scans

2 hours @ US$250.00

Full Body Thermography Scans

2 hours @ US$400.00

Thermal Scanning

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