Reenew Energy Wellness Center

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Click on each of the product names below to learn more and purchase the products. These products can help you extend the detoxification you receive in our center in the comfort of your own home!

Our Packages

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Energy Enhancement System:

Energy Enhancement System

EES 5 Hours Package

Energy Enhancement System

EES 10 Hours Package

Energy Enhancement System

EES 15 Hours Package

Energy Enhancement System

EES 20 Hours Package

Energy Enhancement System

EES 30 Hours Package

Energy Enhancement System

EES 40 Hours Package

Energy Enhancement System

EES 80 Hours Package
Men’s & Women’s Sexual Health Therapy Package

Men’s Sexual Health Therapy

Includes two sessions with our Sonic Wave Machine per week for three weeks in our wellness center.

Women’s Sexual Health Therapy

Includes one session per month for four months with our Vaginal Rejuvenation Machine

To book more than 1 hour at a time for services, please book through the PracticeBetter app or call/text us at 801-300-9992 for scheduling.

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Fall Sale ends September 31. See our blog for more details.

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Our staff is friendly and excited to help you reach optimal health. We look forward to serving you. Visit us today to get started on your healing journey–we’ll be there for you every step of the way!

Disclaimer: We are not a medical facility. We do not diagnose, cure or treat any illness. Please read our center’s testimonials. Our services are designed to give your body the energy it needs to heal itself.


All paying visitors at Reenew Energy must enroll in a Turtle Island membership. With this membership, you gain access to our wellness center and the option to purchase products and sessions using our services. 

The Turtle Island membership can be acquired on a day-pass basis for $5 or on a yearly basis at $35 per year and is required for all members of Reenew Energy.

We want entry to our center to be as easy as possible, the price of the Turtle Island yearly membership is deducted from your purchase price (with a purchase of $50 or more), making the basic yearly membership practically free. For example, if you purchased an hour in the EES, worth $50, plus a Turtle Island yearly membership for $35, then $35 would be subtracted from the cost of the EES session, so your new pricing would be $15 for the EES session and $35 for the yearly basic membership, making the total cost $50.

Members are also invited to enroll in one of our premium monthly memberships to gain access to exclusive deals. We have five monthly memberships ranging in price from $50 to $1000 a month, with benefits starting at 10% off on services (some exclusions apply) to membership bundles that equate to over 55% off on included services in addition to cool swag, free entry to exclusive events, complementary items and more.

Speak with one of our staff for more details and to sign up today! All premium monthly memberships are set for a twelve-month timeframe. Memberships must be purchased in person at our center.

Our Videos

Check out the incredible healing modalities we use!

Air Detoxifier Videos:
Watch how the air system works
Find out more about the science behind our air purification system.
Water Detoxifier Videos:
This video explains why our water purification system does more than just filtering and improving the taste of our water.