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Reenew Energy Wellness Center

Stressed out, overworked and running on empty?

The EESystem is like a charging station for your cells, giving your body vitality and energy to function better and heal itself.

Experience the magic combination of Body, Mind, Spirit, and Science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health.

Do you ever skip charging your cell phone?

Supercharged Men’s Sexual Health Program

MEN: Enhance or reclaim your superpowers in the bedroom. Check out our Supercharged Men’s Sexual Health Program.

Is your body ready for a health reset?

Permission Granted: Treat Yourself to a Mini-Retreat!

  • Recharge your body with 2 hours in the EESystem
  • Relax your mind with personalized meditation music
  • Rejuvenate your health with a Lifetime Vibe session (like a 1-hour workout in 10 minutes!)

The Mini-Retreat is $150 value, but now, for new visitors only, get your Mini-Retreat for only $50. Must be paid in advance to secure your spot.

Call 801-300-9992 to schedule your Mini-Retreat!

Welcome To Reenew Energy Wellness Center

Reenew Energy Wellness Center is a place of healing for both emotional distress and physical pain. When you visit our wellness center, you’ll find a calming, spa-like environment of relaxation, detoxification, pain relief, and rejuvenation. When you come to Reenew Energy Wellness Center, we will do our best to help you renew, reset, and recharge your internal batteries. We are excited to offer several alternative healing services for your benefit!

BEMER Therapy Devices

BEMER (bio-electromagnetic energy regulation) therapy devices use electromagnetic pulses to stimulate the muscles, temporarily improving muscle performance and blood circulation.

IonCleanse Premier Footbaths

In Reenew Energy Wellness Center, you can settle down for a cozy chat and a warm, detoxifying footbath with a friend. Our IonCleanse Premier footbaths from AMD are the best ionized footbaths on the market.

AO Scanning Devices

We also offer AO scanning at Reenew Energy Wellness Center. Using this non-invasive full-body scan, you can examine your body’s natural frequencies and detect frequency abnormalities within the body.

About EES

The Energy Enhancement System (EES) combines scalar energy with PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) technology to create a bio-active energy field in our center. The energy waves within that field can enhance the body’s natural self-healing coding. Reenew Energy uses a system of 24 perfectly aligned EES units to give you the best experience with the technology today. Recent studies of this new technology show that scalar field therapy can be useful in the mitigation of seizures and other chronic conditions, and in boosting of psychologicalmental and emotional health, and increasing energy.

Book An Appointment

Our staff is friendly and excited to help you reach optimal health. We look forward to serving you. Visit us today to get started on your healing journey–we’ll be there for you every step of the way!

Our Vision

Our vision is that our center will be a community gathering place for lectures, classes, etc. such as breathwork, yoga, and presentations about healing methods and modalities. If you would like to present or know someone with a specialty that you think our community could benefit from, please contact us.
Check our blog and social media pages for updates on upcoming events being held in our EE Center!

A Place Of True Splendor

Our goal is to help our members become their healthiest selves using alternative methods of healing. We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience when you visit Reenew Energy Wellness Center. If you have any questions, or prefer to schedule over the phone, we’re happy to take your calls.

Our Testimonials

Check out what people are already saying about Reenew Energy Wellness Center and the incredible healing modalities we use!
Kejay Fonger

My session with the EE machine was incredible!! I didn’t know what to expect when I got there but was really impressed with how I felt! After my session, it felt like my brain was clear and my mood and energy had been supercharged! I felt like I was on cloud nine the rest of the day!! I also did the foot detox and was shocked to see how much the water changed and what was being pulled out of me.

Sharon F.

I loved the EE system. When I walked into the room, I instantly felt peace and calm. I did the foot detox which was very interesting. Loved it. Cindy was very helpful and knowledgeable. It was well worth my time, looking forward to doing it again.

Carol Webster

Reenew Energy Wellness Center is an amazing place! I got access to state-of-the-art tools and instructions to help me on my healing path. Customized information from an AO scan is helping me focus intelligently on my home care. Cindy is so knowledgeable and caring! With her and the tools at the center, I feel like optimizing my health is within reach!

Trish Farmer

I really enjoyed going to Reenew Energy and doing a foot detox soak. Cindy is super nice and explained things really well! She informed me on what to expect the next couple of days after doing the foot detox. I will definitely be going back for this and many other things that I will have to try out in the future!

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