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AO Scans

The AO Scanner is a safe non-invasive bio-resonance device which scans energy frequencies in the body, checking if your body’s frequencies are balanced or out of balance. The AO scanner can identify frequencies out of balance and may be used to rebalance them. Scans are performed by one of our staff. Within minutes following the scan, you will be sent your results to your email address, and if you received an Inner-Voice scan, you’ll get a complementary playlist, custom-made for you, of healing frequencies to address emotional imbalances revealed in your Inner-Voice scan. 

The AO scanner offers three different types of scans, Inner-Voice, Vitals, and Comprehensive. This scanner also has the capability to custom design homeopathics with healing frequencies. When scheduling an AO scan, plan on at least a 30-minute appointment as the scan time-length varies with the type of scan you choose, in addition to any homeopathic imprinting. 

The AO Scanner is not a diagnostic device for bodily illnesses and symptoms; it does not look at the chemistry of the body. Rather, the AO Scanner is an educational device that may indicate frequency imbalances. These frequency imbalances, when showing consistent patterns, may indicate potential chemistry imbalances within the body.

AO Scanner

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