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My session with the EE machine was incredible!! I didn’t know what to expect when I got there but was really impressed with how I felt! After my session, it felt like my brain was clear and my mood and energy had been supercharged! I felt like I was on cloud nine the rest of the day!! I also did the foot detox and was shocked to see how much the water changed and what was being pulled out of me.

Kejay Fonger

I loved the EE system. When I walked into the room, I instantly felt peace and calm. I did the foot detox which was very interesting. Loved it. Cindy was very helpful and knowledgeable. It was well worth my time, looking forward to doing it again.

Sharon F.

I really enjoyed going to Reenew Energy Wellness Center and doing a foot detox soak. Cindy is super nice and explained things really well! She informed me on what to expect the next couple of days after doing the foot detox. I will definitely be going back for this and many other things that I will have to try out in the future!

Trish Farmer

Reenew Energy Wellness Center Wellness Center is an amazing place! I got access to state-of-the-art tools and instructions to help me on my healing path. Customized information from an AO scan is helping me focus intelligently on my home care. Cindy is so knowledgeable and caring! With her and the tools at the center, I feel like optimizing my health is within reach!

Carol Webster

(Executive Director) Holding Space Practice

I came to the Reenew Energy Wellness Center EE Center experiencing anger and anxiety from past trauma, as well as pain from my fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome.

As soon as I took my seat, I felt like I was in a safe bubble. It was very calming and peaceful. So much so, that at one point during the session, I felt safe enough to mentally begin to cut trauma cords from my past traumas. This technology is advanced enough to ensure I could safely move through this process by gently taking me through five-year increments in my mind, cutting cords as I went. Cutting these trauma cords will help my body, mind, and spirit to heal fully and effectively.

Once the session was over, I felt lighter and more free, and my brain fog dissipated. Thank you, Reenew Energy Wellness Center!

Dena Newman

I have been using the Bemer system of PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) therapy for four years now, via Cindy and Reenew Energy Wellness Center. Initially, the electrical magnitude was the only thing that kept me walking. I work in healthcare and my feet are mangled. I would Bemer and then I could walk for four more weeks. The pulsing from the system, I feel, helped with circulation. Muscle tightness was reduced, as well. Recently, I broke my wrist in ten places. I have used the Bemer system in 20-minute increments wrapped around my wrist. I have had cancer so all of my hormones have been blocked. For bone healing to occur, one needs estrogen, which I do not make. I feel the Bemer has had some cellular benefits that have actually helped my bones heal. Additionally, I noticed that range of motion in my hand and wrist was improved after my Bemer session. My results have been such that I will continue to use Bemer for synergistic healing in my goals to reach optimal health.


From the time I arrived until the time I left, Cindy was so warm and hospitable. Her desire to help others and her genuine care for one's well-being is apparent. I was able to experience three healing options Reenew Energy Wellness Center provides. The EE Center and Bemer were done at the same time, and they were simply incredible! As soon as I sat down and reclined in the chair, I immediately sank deep into a Theta/Delta state—which usually takes me a while to do.

I could take deeper and longer cleansing breaths throughout the session, which encourages healing and relaxation. I could also feel my body gently twitching and unwinding—which to me, tells me my body is in a safe space to release tension and pent-up energy through various movements. It also helped my right shoulder blade, which had been experiencing quite a bit of tension for a while. At one point during the session, I had an anti-gravity sensation for about a minute or two. I have no doubt in my mind, heart, and soul that the modalities Reenew Energy Wellness Center offers are life-changing and incredibly beneficial to one's health and well-being.

I also did an ionic footbath and that was a trip! I could see the toxins leaving my body through the color-changing water. I could also feel the difference in my body throughout the footbath. It was fascinating being able to see what body system was most affected due to the color of the water and what was floating on the top. I did experience some mild detox side effects toward the end of the session and a little afterward, but that's to be expected.

I highly recommend the services Cindy and Reenew Energy Wellness Center provide and I'm already looking forward to my next session with her.

Much love and gratitude,

Chelsea May

For the last 10 years I have had a challenge getting and keeping an erection. Obviously I was very frustrated with my sex life and it was very hard on our marriage.

After one treatment with the (what I call) hard on machine I woke up the next 6 mornings ready to go!!! WOW! I'M TOTALLY BACK IN THE GAME!

The take home kit takes less than 5 minutes, is not painful in any way and keeps me chasing my wife around the bedroom. I feel 25 again!

Tim, 66 years young

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