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For Men

Supercharged Men’s Sexual Health Program

Rise to the occasion with NO pain, NO pills, NO needles, and NO recovery time.

Unleash your untapped potential with 3 powerful technologies to enhance, maintain, or regain your superhero status in the bedroom.

A healthy sex life plays a vital role in fulfilling relationships and success, that’s why we offer whole-body solutions and a lifestyle program in addition to Sonic Wave therapy. 

Supercharged Men’s Sexual Health Program

How Sonic Wave Therapy Works

Our Sonic Wave therapy uses low-intensity acoustic waves to eliminate plaque buildup on the walls of the arteries, promote new blood vessel growth, and improve blood flow to the penis.

Sonic Wave therapy also stimulates the nerve tissue, so you can easily experience more sensation and arousal. It works synergistically with the body’s natural healing process to fix the root cause of sexual decline, not just stimulate a temporary increase in blood flow.

Our Sonic Wave technology is a form of Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy or Li-ESWT. Li-ESWT uses non-invasive shockwaves to induce a physiological response in your body, allowing your body to naturally recover lost function and effectively heal itself.

We offer Sonic Wave therapy sessions at our center AND a take-home Sonic Wave mini unit for lifetime maintenance.

A Whole-Body Solution to ROCK your
Sex Life at any age!

A major cause of sexual decline is blood circulation, while lifestyle choices also play a crucial role. At Reenew Wellness Center, we combine several advanced wellness technologies to increase circulation in your entire body along with coaching and supplements to create lasting results.

Our unique program supercharges your sexual health and whole life with:

  • Targeted Sonic Wave therapy sessions at our center
  • Your own take-home Sonic Wave kit to maintain results for a lifetime
  • Partner training on use of the take-home unit
  • Nutritional and lifestyle coaching to learn what foods are kryptonite to boners and which small life changes will beef them up
  • Supplements to supercharge your health and results
  • Personalized meditation music to de-stress with during visits
  • And more!
Supercharged Men’s Sexual Health Program
Fact: Over 30 million men in the U.S. suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Even though testosterone does naturally decline with age, this does not have to be your fate!
Supercharged Men’s Sexual Health Program

Our Custom Packages

We offer several custom packages for all ages to:
  • Thwart sexual decline and dysfunction
  • Enhance sensitivity and pleasure
  • Optimize performance
  • Increase firmer, longer-lasting erections at any age
  • Repair, recharge, and become Superman in the bedroom again

Similar programs cost $500 per visit or more, but since they don’t address the root cause of sexual decline through a whole-body approach, they don’t last. And, because they are not permanent solutions, you have to keep going back, spending an arm and a leg every time.

With the Supercharged Men’s Sexual Health Program at Reenew Wellness Center, we set you up for life-long success with our incredible technology, health education and coaching, AND your own take-home kit so you can maintain your results for years to come without spending another dime.

We offer customizable packages so you can get the best results with your Package! Call or text 801-300-9992 today to schedule a private consultation.