To understand what makes the BEMER work, it’s important to know a bit about how your body works. Did you know that you use electricity to move, think, and breathe? All living things generate electricity, though usually in such small amounts that you would never notice. The elements in our cells, such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, carry electrical charges. These electrical charges fire off different signals in the muscles, brain, etc. 

All of these elements, and their associated electrical charges, are delivered to the various parts of the body via your bloodstream, which means electrically stimulating your circulatory system is an excellent way of bringing energy and health to all parts of the body. Healthy circulation is important to a healthy body.

BEMER (bio-electromagnetic energy regulation) devices use electromagnetic pulses to stimulate the muscles, temporarily improving muscle performance and blood circulation. The BEMER is a non-invasive, easy to use, FDA Class II cleared consumer medical device. It is the only PEMF device that has been vetted by the FDA to hold a Class II clearance, while all others are Class I. The electromagnetic waves produced by the BEMER are at the lowest end of the electromagnetic spectrum, lower even than your computer or radio, which makes them safe to pass through the human body. The experience of using a BEMER is generally relaxing; as you sit or lay back you may enjoy a light tingling sensation in the area or areas the BEMER is being used on. 

We do not recommend using the BEMER if you have a pacemaker or other active medical implants, as it could lead to malfunctions in such devices, but it is safe for use in most other cases. 

BEMER can also be used for improving circulation in horses, and we do have a BEMER mat specifically made for horse-use. If you have a horse and would like to see how the BEMER can benefit their health and performance, contact us today to discuss your options.