The recent worldwide pandemic has been a real eye-opener for many of us about the germs we encounter in our day to day lives. We think it’s fair to say that collectively, we’re all a bit more cautious now about the surfaces we touch, the people we interact with, and the public spaces we enter. At Reenew Energy, we are taking every precaution to ensure a clean, healthy, and safe environment for our members. 

Reenew Energy staff members take cleanliness seriously. Our staff wash their hands regularly, sanitize heavy-traffic surfaces in each of our rooms daily, and sanitize touch surfaces on our systems between every use. We use sanitary covers on our devices when possible (such as earphone covers on public-use headphones, covers over BEMER headrests, etc.). 

In our wellness center, we use the Vollara Air & Surface Pro air filtration system to guarantee that the air we all breathe is consistently cleaned, detoxified, and free of dust and other germs and microbes that cause sickness. This filtration system uses ActivePure technology and is so advanced, it is Certified Space Technology and was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, and it has even been shown to negate Covid-19 particles. 

We also provide drinking water for all members at no cost because we take hydration seriously. That water is filtered, once again, by only the best Vollara Living Water filtration system, which removes toxins and contaminations, and balances the pH levels of the water to take it from mere hydration to health tonic. 

We have such faith in our filtration systems for both air and water, we also offer them for sale for members who would like to continue to enjoy crisp, safe, purified air and water in their own homes.

Reenew Energy is committed to your health—in all ways, big and small!