In addition to our regular schedule, Reenew Wellness Center will be closed the following days to celebrate the upcoming holidays: December 9, 23, 25, 30, and January 1. Thank you!
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Men’s Sexual Health Therapy

Reenew Energy provides a non-invasive three-week therapy package for erectile disfunction (ED). With this ED package you’ll receive twice-a-week therapy sessions from Reenew Energy’s Sonic Wave Machine.  The ED package also includes a take-home device for continued maintenance. The creators of the machine have seen an 80% success rate in treating ED for men, with some exceptions for men with protruding bellies and/or untreated diabetes. Here is a solution to your difficulties in the bedroom that doesn’t require pills or painful injections, and you get a personal device to help you maintain your results!


(The package must be used within one year of purchase.)

Men’s Sexual Health Therapy