We have exciting news to share with you! Starting this month, Reenew Wellness Center is offering late night and overnight Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) sessions. We understand that not everyone has a schedule that allows them to visit us during the day, and we hope to accommodate your busy schedules. Now you can experience the benefits of scalar waves in a peaceful nighttime setting at Reenew Wellness Center.

Private Overnight Sessions:

Recharge your body with our 12-hour private overnight EESystem session for as little as $117 per person! We provide air mattresses, pillows, sheets, and blankets to ensure your comfort. As an overnight session attendee, you’ll also receive complimentary ear plugs and eye masks for uninterrupted rest. With 12 hours in the EESystem valued at $600 per person, this is an incredible way to save. Private overnight sessions start at only $500 for groups of 1-4 people. Add up to two more friends to your group (6 total) for $700 and save even more at $117 per person. This is a fantastic opportunity to save while enjoying a transformative experience.

As a bonus, just for the month of January, when you book your private overnight session this month, each attendee will receive a complimentary modality add-on. Choose between a BEMER session (valued at $40) or an ionic foot bath ($35 value) at no extra cost. Both of these modalities promote relaxation and are an excellent way to prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Group Overnight & Late Night Sessions:

For greater savings, we offer group overnight and late-night sessions. Enjoy a 12-hour EESystem session for as little as $72.73 per person with our group overnight sessions. If you prefer a shorter session, our group late night sessions from 8 pm to midnight (4 hours) are available for as low as $56 per person. Come in and speak with our staff to learn more!

Booking Information:

To book one of our exclusive nighttime sessions, please note that all appointments must be scheduled in advance. You can reach us at 801-300-9992, or visit Reenew Wellness Center at 750 S. Main Street, Bountiful, Utah and speak to a staff member to schedule a session.


We are excited to introduce our late night and overnight Energy Enhancement System sessions to provide you with the flexibility to experience the transformative power of scalar waves at a time that suits your schedule. Whether you choose a private session or opt for a group experience, you can enjoy the benefits of the EESystem while saving both time and money. Join us at Reenew Wellness Center on a journey of wellness and holistic healing. We look forward to providing you with the flexibility you need and the service you deserve.