Join us at Reenew Wellness Center on November 25th, 2023, from 10 AM to 7 PM, as we celebrate Small Business Saturday. This is the perfect opportunity to kickstart your holistic holiday shopping while supporting your favorite local small business. We have exciting discounts, special offers, and new items in store just for you. Celebrate the festive season with us while you indulge in a day of relaxation, wellness, and great deals at Reenew.

1. High-Quality Magnesium Gift Baskets:

Find the perfect gift for your loved ones at Reenew with our high-quality magnesium gift baskets. Magnesium is known for its numerous health benefits, including promoting relaxation, supporting muscle health, and improving sleep quality. These thoughtfully curated gift baskets include Magnesium bath flakes, a tub for foot baths, Magnesium lotion, a pumice stone, dried Lavender flowers to add to your baths, and Magnesium oil. Treat your loved ones to the gift of relaxation and self-care this holiday season with one of these unique gifts. We’re only stocking a limited number of these, so hurry in first thing on Small Business Saturday and grab yours before they all disappear!

2. Christmas-Themed Essential Oils:

Embrace the holiday spirit with our Christmas-themed essential oils. These delightful scents capture the essence of the season and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Whether you’re looking to uplift your mood, create a cozy ambiance, or simply enjoy the festive aromas, our Christmas-themed essential oils are a must-have for the holiday season.

3. $20/Hour EESystem Sessions All Day:

Experience the transformative power of our Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) at a special rate of $20 per hour throughout the day. The EESystem is a cutting-edge technology that uses scalar energy to create a bio-active energy field. It can enhance your body’s natural self-healing abilities, boost energy levels, and promote overall well-being. Take advantage of this exclusive offer to recharge and rejuvenate your body and mind. Call 801-300-9992 today to book your seat in our EESystem on November 25th and take advantage of this Small Business Saturday discount at Reenew Wellness Center!

4. Half-Off Gift Certificates:

Give the gift of wellness and relaxation when you buy gift certificates to Reenew for half-off on Small Business Saturday! Treat your loved ones to a personalized experience at Reenew, where they can choose from a range of alternative healing services, including BEMER Therapy, IonCleanse Premier Footbaths, and AO Scanning. Our gift certificates are the perfect way to show you care and support their journey towards optimal health.

5. Refreshments Served:

While you shop and explore our offerings, enjoy complimentary refreshments served throughout the day, including healthy appetizers and delectable desserts. We want to create a welcoming and relaxing environment for our valued customers, and what better way to do so than by offering a selection of refreshments to indulge in as you browse.

We are so grateful to every person in our wellness community for your support and your commitment to whole-body health. Join us at Reenew Wellness center on Small Business Saturday and let us show you our gratitude through these incredible offers! We’re located at 750 S. Main Street, Suite 101, Bountiful, Utah. For more information, call us at 801-300-9992. Treat yourself or your loved ones to the gift of wellness. We can’t wait to see you and celebrate Small Business Saturday together!